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Over 20 years’ experience

Lasers have been used for hair removal since 1994. All our practitioners have many years experience so no matter who you see, you can be assured of the best possible advice and safe treatments. We have worked with every skin and hair type giving us firsthand experience and expertise that other clinics can’t match.

From Harley Street to Northampton

The founder of this clinic, Hazel Barrett, actually carried out some of the first hair removal trials in Harley Street in the mid 90’s. Suffering silently with her own unwanted upper lip hair, since her boarding school hockey days, and excess body hair, she was quite happy to donate her own body to research and welcomed first hand the delights of permanent hair removal by laser. Two decades later and still hair free, she has downsized from running clinics nationwide to running this small friendly clinic where she can devote her time to what she loves best, the one to one with patients: helping you all enjoy the life changing effects of binning your razors forever!

Medical Grade Lasers

The medical grade lasers we use under clinical protocol should not be compared to or mistaken for IPL or other light source systems than often other clinics and salons mistakenly call lasers. Our lasers are specifically designed for the purpose and we only offer what will work best. To give you an example:- IPL machines can cost from as little as £300 whereas the specialist equipment we use costs tens of thousands. This clinic holds over a quarter of a million pounds worth of specialist equipment.

Safe & Suitable for all skin types

We offer hair removal for all hair and skin types (except white or very blonde hair, which doesn’t respond to laser treatment).

We now see many referrals from local GP’s and consultants for sensitive issues like excess hair due to PCOS, infections caused by ingrown hairs and Pilonidal Sinus and pre and post transgender reassignment surgery hair removal .

Please note we cannot laser an area that is suntanned. Be it real tan, sun-bed tan, fake tan, tinted moisturiser or coloured make-up, it is not safe to laser your skin. You can tan the rest of your body but just not the area you wish to have treated by laser.


How does it work?

A short burst of light is pulsed onto a section of the skin’s surface. This light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair shaft where it heats and destroys the hair.

The hair needs to be treated in the growth stage (anagen) as the light is transmitted down the hair shaft to the base of the follicle to the bulge, where the stem cells are situated lining the follicle shaft, causing their destruction.

Hair caught in the growth stage will not grow again.

Other follicles nearby which are not actively growing may also produce new hair. These follicles will need to be targeted in the growth stage. Therefore, a course of treatment is required to target all the hair growth.

How many treatments?

Everyone’s hair and hair growth is different.

The kind of treatment you receive and how long it takes will depend on whereabouts the hair is (chin, upper lip, bikini line, cheeks, legs, arms, underarms, back, and so on), how you’ve treated it in the past (shaving, waxing etc) and any hormonal conditions you have. (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, for example). It usually takes a course of treatment to achieve permanent hair reduction. You might need occasional top-up treatments if there are any hormonal issues or should any dormant hairs begin growing.

It’s also worth knowing that rather than disappearing, some hairs convert from thick and dark to thin, blonde ‘vellus’ hairs, which actually look more natural than completely bald skin in any case.

Can all hair colours be treated?

No. Some colours respond better than others. Laser works best on dark hair because dark hair contains more pigment to absorb light. Fair hair can respond but white hair, very blond hair and red hair will not respond to laser treatments.

Why use laser?

Shaving, plucking, waxing and creams are all temporary methods that must be repeated regularly. Over a lifetime this can be expensive but can also cause skin irritations and damage. Electrolysis is very slow.

Laser hair removal is the only significant improvement in hair removal in the past 20 years.

Beware of unregistered ‘clinics’

The key to finding a safe place for laser treatment is to only attend a Care Quality Commission Registered and Regulated Clinic. Unlike many hair removal start-ups, we are registered with the government’s Care Quality Commission, which means you can be certain you’re getting high-quality care from a regularly inspected clinic. Our CQC registration can be found here

Come in for a consultation

We can discuss how laser hair removal will work for you. Consultation is free and allows you to be fully informed in a no- pressure, friendly, relaxed environment before you start your treatment.

To arrange your free consultation with no obligation, fill in this form, or give us a ring on 01604 601 777

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item6Laser hair removal has changed my life. I used to be embarrassed about the hair on my face but now, not only has it gone, but the
look and quality of my skin has improved. I’m moving on to other areas now. Awesome!

item7Carol, Northampton

quotesEverything is fantastic. Staff are great and so down to earth. Gail has changed my life.
I am so much more confident and happy in my own skin. Thank you so much.

item2Sophie, Northamptonshire

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