Tattoo Removal

If you regret having your tattoo, you will be pleased to know laser treatment can make it simply fade away.

Lasers have been used for tattoo removal for over 20 years. Technology has advanced over the years and with considerable research and experience we now know a combination of two lasers allows us to treat most colours. We have both lasers so you are assured of the best possible treatment whatever your tattoo may be; amateur or professional, single colour or multi-coloured.

How does the laser treatment work?

A laser creates an intense high-energy beam of light that can shatter tattoo pigment into small particles which the body's immune system is then able to target and carry away. After each treatment session a gradual fading of the tattoo occurs.

Your tattoo literally fades away.

The number of treatments required depends on the size, colour, ink used, whether it is amateur or professional and many other considerations. We can explain in much greater detail how the treatment works during your consultation when we can actually see your tattoo and give you the best advice.

How many treatments?

Tattoos vary so much; every tattoo is different and may respond differently to laser light. We cannot say exactly how many treatments it will take for your tattoo to fade away.

As a guide, typically amateur tattoos can take anything from 4 to 12 treatments and professional tattoos from 8 to 20 treatments, although some tattoos may take more than this. Without seeing the tattoo it is impossible to be more accurate so we would recommend booking a free consultation with our expert.

We are the most experienced specialists in tattoo removal in this area for many years.

Does it scar?

Previously tattoo removal had sadly become associated with scarring because the first lasers used many years ago were a different generation, often a CO2 laser which burned the tattoo out.

The type of lasers we use nowadays are much more sophisticated targeting and breaking up the ink pigment.

We have removed thousands of tattoos successfully without scarring.

We cannot however guarantee no scarring. There may be a slight lightening or darkening of the skin pigment. To reduce the risk, we assess each individual at consultation prior to treatment.

The key to finding a safe place for laser treatment is to find a Care Quality Commission Registered and Regulated Clinic

Treatments from as little as £45
Consultation is free of charge

My tattoos on my lower arm are gone. Perfect result. No scarring. Couldn't ask for better treatment

Paul, Weedon, Northamptonshire

I regretted having a tattoo on my lower back but I am pleased it has completely faded away. The result is amazing. An affordable successful treatment and the staff are brilliant; put you totally at ease

Lauren, Cogenhoe, Northampton

My tattoo is gone and the result is brilliant. The friendly personal service is truly second to none

Sam from Newport Pagnell

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