My Microdermabrasion Experience: A Q&A with a Clinic Patient

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My Microdermabrasion Experience: A Q&A with a Clinic Patient

Northampton Laser Clinic had the pleasure of treating local patient Joe. Having mentioned that he wanted to improve his complexion and skin health, we recommended a microdermabrasion treatment. He then booked in for his appointment and has since never looked back. Joe was so thrilled at his transformative results, here he highlights the benefits and why you should consider a microdermabrasion treatment

What made you consider a microdermabrasion treatment at Northampton Laser Clinic?

I’ve always had a complicated relationship with my skin which has affected my confidence over the years. As someone with an oily complexion, I’ve been prone to breakouts and simply wanted to improve the appearance of my skin.

As a result, I booked a consultation with Michelle at Northampton Laser Clinic who introduced me to the clinic’s microdermabrasion services. Aided by her expertise in skincare, we talked about my skin goals, and how the treatment might benefit me.

What did you learn from your consultation?

I was astounded to discover just how many layers of skin I have on my face. From my conversation with Michelle, I learnt that over time, the skin absorbs particles and dirt from the air which creates several layers of dead skin cells. This then matures your skin, leaving it dull in appearance.

Microdermabrasion is a form of exfoliation that then helps to remove these top layers of skin. The procedure then involves the use of a special applicator that gently sands the skin, leaving a youthful complexion, improving my skin’s appearance, reducing the appearance of pores, wrinkles and scars.

After voicing any questions I had, Michelle assured me of the safety of the treatment. It was reassuring to know that the clinic staff are licensed practitioners and I was more than happy to proceed.

What was the process like?

I booked in for my appointment and was taken to the Florence Room in clinic. I was made to feel at ease immediately when reclining on the treatment table.

After having initial concerns that I might experience some discomfort, I was happy to discover that the applicator wasn’t painful at all. Instead, it felt quite relaxing and lasted around 20 minutes.

Michelle then applied and massaged specialist Medik8 creams around my face to moisturise the skin. These smelled lovely and felt super luxurious.

Are you happy with the results?

Not only did I come away from my treatment feeling refreshed, revitalised and relaxed, but my skin was literally glowing! It felt soft to touch, and I genuinely felt I looked younger in appearance. Friends also commented on how fabulous my skin looked.

Michelle then informed me how to look after my skin post-treatment. My options being additional treatments, applying SPF moisturiser and what products to avoid.

Thanks again to the team at Northampton Laser Clinic. I’ve come out feeling rejuvenated, smooth-skinned and with a better understanding of my skin health. See you soon!

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