Hair growth, thickness and colour varies for everyone and is different on different parts of your body. To give you an example of cost we normally charge £30 for upper lip. On our offer days that can be as little as £25 (Tuesday/Wednesday).

However let’s say you wanted to have an area treated but you may actually only have a dozen hairs in that area. We feel it is unfair to charge you the full area price if only part area required. Therefore we offer a consultation free of charge so we can tell you exactly how much your treatment will cost once we have assessed the skin and hair to be treated.

Consultation is FREE at this clinic.

We offer a non pressurised professional private consultation. You need the best advice before starting your laser treatment

"I’ve been using this clinic for 2 years and have had a brilliant experience on every visit.

The staff are all helpful and knowledgeable and make every visit a pleasure."

Matt, Northampton

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