Why no price list?

Every treatment we do is very individual...

Hair growth, thickness and colour varies for everyone and is different on different parts of your body. To give you an example of cost we normally charge £30 for upper lip. On our offer days that can be as little as £25 (see our special offers page). However let’s say you wanted to have a chin/throat area treated which would be in the region of £40 per treatment, BUT you may actually only have half a dozen hairs in that area! Therefore we feel it is unfair to charge you the same as if the entire area was a problem hair growth area for you. You are treated as an individual here.

- they are all totally different and can be anything from a tiny dot to half a leg! Anyone who is prone to thread veins will know they pop up in all sorts of places, in all sorts of shapes and sizes, thickness and colours! It is really impossible to say how much until we see your individual thread veins.

Tattoos -
vary in colour, density and overall size. Every tattoo is different. Without seeing the tattoo it is really hard to tell you exactly. We are not being vague. If we price it on size as most clinics do, that is not really fair as some tattoos are solid in colour over the entire area and some are just outlines. We aim to provide the most effective treatment at affordable prices for each individual.

"I’ve been using this clinic for 2 years and have had a brilliant experience on every visit.

The staff are all helpful and knowledgeable and make every visit a pleasure."

Matt, Northampton

Consultation is FREE at this clinic.

We offer a non pressurised professional private consultation. You need the best advice before starting your laser treatment

Case Studies - misleading price lists and ‘deals’

We have had a lady come to us for consultation for treatment of unwanted hair on her chin and throat. She suffers from PCOS. We quoted £40 per treatment. She didn’t start treatment with us. She then went to a new start-up clinic in town centre via a deal on Groupon. She was offered 4 x treatments for £99. She was not informed the treatment on this ‘deal’ was not laser. It was IPL (intense pulsed light) .She had two lots of these courses over a period of a year. She was very disappointed with the results. She returned to us, told us what she had tried. We explained what she had was IPL not laser. She then had a test patch here. One week later she had her first treatment. Four weeks later she returned, virtually bouncing in the door as she was amazed by the results even after JUST one treatment. To quote her ‘to think I might as well have flushed that £200 down the toilet’. She has completed treatment here and is very pleased. You can see why you must not compare our standard of proper medical grade laser treatment to others which can be very misleading if you do not know what to look out for.

We have encountered a patient with auburn/red hair who had been elsewhere for laser treatment. They paid over two thousand pounds for 3 courses of laser treatment. It didn’t work. They came to us for advice only for us to tell them their hair is the wrong colour, laser treatment will not work. While they were understandably upset by the money they had wasted elsewhere, they were also relieved to know the truth. We will only ever treat what is suitable for laser treatment and fully explain why. Everyone is treated as an individual. We will give you the right advice, even if that is to do nothing at all.

A chap phoned us demanding a price for tattoo removal. He told us he was quoted £40 at another clinic. We didn’t give a price over the phone as without seeing the individual tattoo, we can’t. He came in for a free consultation. He had a multicoloured tattoo that will take THREE different laser wavelengths to treat in order to get rid of all the colours. We quoted £50 per treatment but we can remove ALL the colours. If he had treatment at the other ‘cheaper’ clinic, he would have been left with patches of green ink which they could not remove. So it isn’t cheaper if it’s not all treated.

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