Transgender Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal for Transgender Patients

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"As a nervous transgender I was made to feel at ease and very welcome."

Claire, Northampton

The founder of this clinic has specialised in laser treatments for 25 years. In the early 90’s she ran a chain of clinics nationwide. At the Harley Street Practice she dedicated private clinic sessions,two days per week, to treat transgender and transvestite patients with unwanted hair.

Her reputation for empathy and understanding resulted in consultant referrals and patient recommendations from all over the UK.

Now based in Northampton, she and her team of delightful Laser Practitioners, continue to look after and enjoy helping many transgender patients in a very welcoming, professional clinic.

Men and women all across the world suffer from unwanted hair, but for transgender patients who would like to achieve a hair free, smooth skin, it can be particularly frustrating and upsetting.

Making the brave and difficult step to transition usually starts with a trip to your GP and a referral to a Specialist Consultant. Dealing with unwanted facial hair is usually the next step. This is where we can really help you. Don’t worry! Whether you wish to attend pre, during or post transition we will make that initial stage of sorting your hair growth very simple and take any worry, concern or embarrassment completely away.

Facial hair is usually the place to start especially to allow easier application of make up and eliminate the hassle of shaving and shadows.

Body hair removal can help with confidence during your transition also. We can treat unwanted hair anywhere on your body. Pre your assignment operation it is often recommended to have no hair on the scrotum or genitalia to avoid any difficulties with hair growth internally post surgery. Of course you can, and should, discuss this with your surgeon. We will help in any way we can to make sure your treatment is totally dignified and without the embarrassment often dreaded with such personal treatments. You can be assured of a professional code of practice following strict modesty and medical treatment protocols at all times.

Please refer to our Hair Removal page for details of this laser hair treatment.

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