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Let Us Get Under your Skin!

Skin complexion analysis and prescribed treatment program for all skin types.

How to improve your confidence with skin you’re happy in!

What is Observ?

The Observ is a machine that we use in the clinic to examine skin layers not visible to the naked eye. The machine shines different light modes onto your skin. It takes photographs of your skin in 6 different lights that reveal your skin condition and any blemishes with incredible detail.

1. Daylight mode

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The daylight mode allows us to observe your
skin under controlled daylight conditions and make comparisons of skin conditions appearing in daylight and the other skin analysis modes.

2. True UV mode

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The true UV mode allows you to obtain a clearer, more contrasting and detailed image of your skin conditions than with conventional devices.

3.Simulated Wood’s light

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In the simulated Wood’s light mode, the spectral composition mimics a classical Wood’s light. The patented illumination technology allows the modification of the Wood’s light spectrum and provides an extra diagnostic dimension.

4. Parallel-polarization mode

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The parallel-polarization technology enhances the visualization of your skin’s surface textures. In this mode, the skin’s microrelief, fine lines and wrinkle formations can be observed with high detail.

5. Cross-polarization mode

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The cross-polarization mode provides you with an unparalleled view below the skin’s surface. At the touch of a button vascular or pigmentation disorders become visible to the eye.

6.Complexion analysis

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The complexion analysis reveals inhomogeneities in skin tone, pigmentation irregularities and irritations. A homegenous complexion is the fundament of beauty.

What is the Observ Skin Analysis used for?

The images created by the machine allow us to create you an accurate, bespoke treatment plan that's designed for you based on both your skin concerns and a technical analysis of the deeper layers of your skin.

Who is the treatment suitable for?

Anyone can have the Observ Skin Analysis done, although if you are sensitive to light or epileptic it may not be suitable for you.
If there is anything about your skin you’re not happy with, you will benefit from seeing the analysis and letting us help you.

What happens during the analysis?

With all your make-up removed you will be asked to place your chin on a chin rest inside the machine:

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You will be asked to keep your eyes closed throughout the analysis.

Once you are comfortable, it will begin.
Six lights will flash and we will let you know when you can open your eyes and remove your head from the machine.

Your results will be available instantly and your Skin Analyst can talk you through them.

What are the side effects or risks?

There are no side effects or risks - the machine simply shines light onto your face.

What results can I expect?

You will be shown a detailed analysis for each different light filter and we will explain what each one means.

We will devise a skincare program including any appropriate treatments tailored to your skin requirements.

Is it painful?

Not at all. The machine simply shines different lights onto your face. The hardest bit is keeping your eyes closed for the couple of minutes while the machine works!

Good skin doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by appointment. Contact us here or call 01604 601777 to book.

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