My Laser Hair Removal Experience: A Q&A with a Clinic Patient

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My Laser Hair Removal Experience: A Q&A with a Clinic Patient

With Northampton Laser Clinic demonstrating over 25 years of experience successfully treating patients, this is just one of the positive factors that gave our local patient, Tiffany the confidence to visit our clinic for a treatment consultation.

Tiffany stated that she was tired of her daily shaving routine, as well as having to deal with the effects it was having on her skin, such as ingrown hairs, skin irritations and daily regrowth and was looking for a longer lasting solution. Here Tiffany shares her experience receiving laser hair removal treatments for her underarms and why you should ditch the razor and choose laser.

What made you consider laser hair removal treatment at Northampton Laser Clinic?

I suffer with dark and thick body hair which is extremely visible on my pale skin. It's always been something I’ve felt insecure about and definitely has knocked my confidence, especially in the summertime. I felt extremely fed up with having to shave daily and the implications that was having on my skin.

Northampton Laser Clinic’s informative website showcased the clinic’s expertise and I found reassurance in the positive testimonials; they also provided a free consultation to answer any queries I may have which definitely put my mind at ease that I wouldn’t have to commit before receiving all the information.

What did you learn from your consultation?

When attending my consultation I was met by my friendly practitioner, Michelle who provided me with a wide range of interesting facts and asked me a few simple questions to make sure I was suitable for the treatment beforehand. Luckily I found out my skin tone and hair colour was the perfect match for this treatment!

I felt very relaxed during the consultation and gained knowledge about the type of skin tones and hair colours that could be treated, as well as how the process works in regards to the hair's natural growth cycle. I left feeling extremely excited to proceed with my treatments and ready to start my journey to finally being hair free.

What was the process like?

On the arrival of my appointment I was asked to fill in some brief details beforehand, feeling comfortable knowing that my health and safety was their top priority. Once I was escorted to the treatment room, Michelle made sure I was content and I felt fully informed before starting the process. The entire session from entering the clinic through to treatment felt completely discreet and Michelle ensured that I wasn’t in any discomfort.

The treatment itself was pretty much pain free and the lasers used included a cooling device which blew cold air, soothing my skin. After Michelle had finished treating both of my underarms she applied aloe vera gel to soothe my skin further and provided me with helpful information on how to look after the treated area at home. Overall the process was simple, quick and much less hassle than other hair removal methods I’ve tried (and i’ve tried them all!).

Are you happy with the results?

I’m elated with the results so far, I've only had half of my recommended treatment sessions and I already notice a difference. My skin feels softer and my skin’s tone appears lighter, I now only have to shave once the hair appears from the natural growth cycle which eventually will reduce further until I no longer have to shave at all!

Thank you to the Northampton Laser Clinic team for helping me regain my confidence, I look forward to seeing you soon and continuing my journey to being hair free!

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