My Hair Removal Journey - Never Shave Again!

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My Hair Removal Journey - Never Shave Again!

My hairless journey starts here!

Why was I not aware of Laser Hair Removal? Okay, I was aware, but for some reason, I didn't even consider it. I have spent years waxing my bikini, and my underarms so I was no stranger to pain or paying for the pain every month. A month could not stretch past the 4-week mark, or a situation was then occurring and FAST.

A few years back I found myself in a hairy situation. This resulted to me taking the razor and in my best yoga poses performing the worst hair removal job known to man or beast. I thought nothing of it and walked rather smug, knowing I had saved money and didn't need any help with my "situation" Fast forward to Day 4 and I chose to ignore the pain and intense pressure I was feeling. I landed up in the hospital with an ingrown hair and a reason to remain in the hospital for a few days. Ingrown hairs are so painful and really did give me a scare, and I decided then and there never to shave again. For years I continued to book my waxing and even tried a new treatment called sugaring. I found this incredibly painful and very quickly reverted to the pain I was familiar with.

Without seeking out an alternative to my current hair removal treatments, I saw a post on social media that stated " Laser Hair Removal and had a quick read. I was thrilled and excited at the thought of having smooth skin and being hair free.
I called Northampton Laser Clinic and was booked in for a FREE consultation, taking advantage of their late evening on a Thursday.

It was painless, maybe a little strange but no real pain, not like waxing and sugaring that's for sure. The treatment was quick much quicker than alternative hair removal.
Amazed and elated weeks past, seven to be exact and only then did I need to shave under my arms. My bikini's hair growth was just as slow.

Just had my second Laser Hair Removal Treatment and I am looking forward to not worrying for weeks to come. It makes such a significant change from shaving every 2nd day or growing your hair for the next wax. With Laser Hair Removal you can shave if you see growth and this will not affect your treatment. Can't wait for my 3rd session, will keep you all posted.

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My Hair Removal Journey - Never Shave Again!
My hairless journey starts here!Why was I not aware of Laser Hair Removal? Okay, I was aware, but for some reason, I didn't even consider more...

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